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Your course on personal protection was absolutely beyond my wildest dreams of what I expected in that type of class. Your professionalism, knowledge and experience really create a perfect combination for a great experience. I can't imagine that there are many gun owners out there that would not benefit from your courses. Keep up the good work.
Scott "
 If you are a law-abiding U.S. citizen, at least 18 years old, and are serious about learning to use a handgun for personal protection, you are on the right page! My name is Jim Trockman. I am an NRA Certified Handgun Instructor, NRA Certified Personal Protection Inside The Home Instructor, NRA Certified Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor, NRA Membership Recruiter, Certified Illinois Concealed Carry Instructor, Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network Member/Recruiter, International Defensive Pistol Association Member, Competitor, and Certified Range Safety Officer... 

"Why you choose to own or carry a handgun is your business - teaching you how to use it accurately and responsibly is my business. Otherwise, it's nobody's business!"

Teaching adults practical defensive solutions using handguns requires specialized skills and experience, and is my primary focus. 
If you are a first time buyer, have never shot before, or have a desire to overcome a fear of guns, I can definitely help! All of my clients receive private, strictly confidential, professional instruction...your name or photo will never appear on my website, facebook, or twitter...if you are wondering why this matters, then you should enroll in my course, and find out!...

The best info on my courses comes from my (please click here now) students!

If you qualify for my course, you will discover that the emphasis will be on understanding how your behavior, when faced with a potentially lethal encounter, can affect the safety of others as well as yourself. My comprehensive overview of personal protection will demonstrate how to choose the best option to keep yourself and your family safe under a variety of potentially dangerous situations. In addition to studying personal protection in my classroom, you will enjoy having a great afternoon outdoors at Red Brush Rifle Range in Newburgh!
Most importantly however, you will not be required to bring your own gun, your own ammunition, have any permits, or waste time and money learning skills in multiple and expensive group classes that are out of context with your personal goals and objectives. INCLUDING THE AMMO required to test a variety of the highest quality laser-equipped handguns, my comprehensive classes will cost between $175 and $375 and take only from three to six hours to complete...

Anyone can memorize a list of safety rules. In my class, you will learn how to apply them...My lesson plan includes photos, videos, and other i
nternet resources. Most of the topics I cover, but not all, are the main categories on the left hand side of this page numbered one through twenty...

Studying real-life scenarios will help you to visualize when you might need to depend on a handgun for the survival of yourself and/or your family. If you are ever forced to shoot an individual who has crossed your pre-determined boundary of personal safety, and lethal force is required, are you prepared for what comes next? Who do you call? What do you say? What shouldn't you say? When you draw your gun, and pull that trigger, your life will change forever... That said: w
ould you be surprised to learn that the conventional wisdom regarding handgun safety and personal protection is almost always wrong? First example: upon hearing the proverbial sound of breaking glass in the middle of the night, what's the first thing you do? Call 911? Second example: everyone knows that if a person with a gun or knife is 21 feet away from you or less, they are a lethal threat, and its legal to shoot, right? Third example: that makes 21 feet the ideal distance to practice, right? WRONG, WRONG, AND WRONG! No other handgun courses offer unique online resources, expert instruction, can be completed in one day or less, and guarantees that you will be taught shooting skills correctly!

I absolutely guarantee that having the opportunity to safely and correctly learn to shoot both revolvers and semi-automatics during a private session with me is the best possible way to take your first shots!

Learning how to properly stand, grip, aim, manage a trigger, handle recoil, breathe, and follow-through to the next shot, are just a few of the fundamentals you'll learn correctly in my classes. Knowing how to grip a handgun properly before making a purchase from a reputable dealer is essential...what is choosing a gun that 'feels the best' in your hands worth, if you later find out it was being held incorrectly?

Anyone can easily master basic handgun safety and shooting skills, when taught professionally. There is a lot to learn, but its extremely enjoyable and very rewarding to hit the center of a target time and time again! Further, when you have completed my class, you will have become a truly responsible gun owner! To be well-prepared, you will need a good night's sleep, a positive and safety-conscious attitude, appropriate clothing based on weather predictions, sturdy shoes, a baseball-type hat to reduce glare, plenty of drinks, a sack lunch, and a few snacks...If you already own a handgun, bring it unloaded in a case or its original box, including instruction manuals, at least 50 rounds of target ammo and 20 rounds of defensive grade ammo. Its essential that the ammo you have purchased be compatible with the gun you have purchased! I will provide literally everything else!

Incorporating the latest in laser training technology into my training methodology assures you will be taught quickly and efficiently as well as safely and correctly!

Shooting well requires that fine motor skills be correctly ingrained and practiced as much as possible - having the advantage of instant feedback on your first shots will carry forward to consistent accuracy every time you visit the range...
I guarantee you will be proud of the way you shoot!

Why risk buying an unreliable handgun - not suited to your purpose -  waste money on expensive and hard to find ammo, and still not be able to shoot with defensive accuracy?

 shooting in the private sector is different than hunting, target shooting, competition shooting, military action, or law enforcement. Although some things overlap, the context in which the skills are used, and often the skills themselves, are not the same. There are critical differences in legal consequences as well. The bottom line is that knowing how to handle a gun skillfully is important, but knowing how to handle yourself when faced with a situation that may require lethal force is equally important!

If you are interested in learning the basic strategies and shooting skills that are required to resolve realistic problems, encountered by real people, who are living real lives, then set your sights on a calendar, find a date that works, and call or shoot me an email... 

'Stay Safe - Train Smart - Win the Fight!'
Jim Trockman
...NRA Certified Firearms Instruction
...Personal Protection Training             
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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