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The online version of my handgun course is the very best way that any individual can learn safety and shooting skills correctly without attending my class in person. In an initial interview by phone, you will be given tips on how to approach the lessons in the most efficient manner. The tuition for this course is $275 paid through PayPal or personal check... I reserve the right to decline applications for participation in my online course for any reason, using sole discretion, just as I do for all other courses. My course is professionally designed for adults,and is beyond any reasonable doubt the most comprehensive handgun safety course ever developed for online use. However, due to the occasionally graphic nature of its content, photos and videos, it is not suitable for viewing by anyone under the age of 18...
Please shoot me an email if you have questions or have decided to enroll: 

Jim Trockman
NRA Certified Firearms Instruction
Personal Protection Training

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